This is the quick installation guide, for more detail
please read the manual available in the same directory.

1. Unpack the files
   cd /usr/local/www/data/
   tar -zxvf /path/to/weeblefm-1.1.tar.gz

2. Configuration
   To configure the Weeble File Manager, open the 
   settings.php file in your favorite editor.

   The only settings that you must set before WeebleFM 
   will work are $server and $port variables.

3. Use it.
   Once settings.php has been edited to your liking, 
   simply open your web browser and point it to where ever 
   WeebleFM resides on your server. In the above example,
   we would direct our browser to http://www.webserver.dom/weeblefm/

See the manual (available in both txt and html formats) for
more detailed information.

Weeble File Manager by Jon Manna & Chris Michaels
Updated Apr 12, 2002