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Here is a list of features that Weeble File Manager offers to its users:


  • Download files from the server
  • Change permissions of a file or directory
  • Listing displays owner, date last edited, and size of files and directories
  • Create new files and directories
  • Edit files
  • Delete files and directories
  • Copy a file
  • Move files and directories
  • Rename files and directories
  • Upload a file from your computer
  • Show/Hide hidden files and directories in the listing

Settings: (for the web host to set)

  • Server name and ftp port number
  • Warning display colors
  • Default alternating table background colors
  • Associate icons with any file extension
  • Size of the editor box
  • Encryption key for passwords and encryption types

Personal User Settings: (Coming soon)

Weeble File Manager by Jon Manna & Chris Michaels
Updated Apr 16, 2002