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Here are our previews of Weeble File Manager for your viewing pleasure. Each image will be accompanied by a brief description explaining what it is showing you.

Weeble File Manager main screen

This is the main file manager page. It shows the current directory along with the available operations the user may do. Located at the top left of the page are the links to logout of the file manager along with the help page (html or pdf formats).

Weeble File Manager current directory This is displayed at the top of the file manager showing the connection and the users current path.

Weeble File Manager directory listing Here is a shot of the directory and file listing. Clicking on the filename with attempt to download the file while clicking on the directory name will change to that directory. Files and directories are equiped with radio buttons for use with the operation buttons shown farther down the page.

Weeble File Manager file/directory permissions Here, the user is shown the file properties from the owner of the file to the file permissions. The user is given the simplest way to change permissions of his files by simply clicking on the appropriate slot to either enable or disable that permission.

Weeble File Manager directory listing

Located at the bottom of the main file manager page is this selection of buttons that give the user options from creating a file or directory to deleting one, and from editing a file to uploading one.

Weeble File Manager by Jon Manna & Chris Michaels
Updated Apr 16, 2002